Egyptian Red Crescent provide humanitarian aid to Gaza

In response to the clashes in Gaza Strip, Egyptian Red Crescent (ERC) established on July 8, 2014, 24-hours operation rooms at ERC Headquarters, ERC North Sinai and ERC Ismailia branches to provide humanitarian aid to the Palestinians.

Remarkable Achievements
The Development of Zeinhom Squatter Areas

Zeinhom is one of the largest squatter areas in Cairo as its area amounts to 50 acres. When the implementation of this development project started in 1999, it was inhabited by 4000 households (about 20,000.00 capita).

ERC Activities
Schoolchildren Training Program “Sehha w Salama”

Schoolchildren Training Program “Sehha w Salama” or “Health and Safety”, is an integrated program conducted by the Egyptian Red Crescent aiming at creating a culture of hygiene & health promotion as well as risk reduction among school communities, under the theme Making Our School Community Safe, Prepared and Healthy...

Disaster Relief
ERC Humanitarian Operation at the Egyptian-Libyan Border

With the beginning of the Libyan crisis which erupted on February 17, 2011, ERC started the humanitarian operation at the Egyptian-Libyan Border where hundreds of thousands people crossed towards Egypt...