ERC was established in 1911 as non-governmental organization performing its activities within the principles of the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent.


The law of the Egyptian Red Crescent society under the auspices of the Khedive of Egypt issued February 17th, 1913; referring to Geneva treaty of August 22nd , 1864 and its modifications July 6th, 1906.


Royal decree April 5th, 1923 ratifying the bylaws of the Egyptian Red Crescent society.


Royal law number 12 issued 1940 regarding the “Protection of the Emblem” of the Egyptian Red Crescent.


Presidential Decree no. 1925 in 1969 recognized the Egyptian Red Crescent as a public service society that enjoys all the advantages and safeguards of Geneva Conventions as well as any other future international agreements.

The emblem of Egyptian Red Crescent is a red crescent, directed to the right of the viewer with a white background.

The headquarters of the central society is located in Cairo with branches in all governorates.

Chairman of the Egyptian Red Crescent Governing Board is appointed by a presidential decree renewable every three years. Members are elected according to quota allocated to the four regions of Egypt from the Egyptian Red Crescent branches in the governorates.

Each ERC branch has an independent legal entity, general assembly and a Governing Board comprised from elected members of the general assembly. The board includes a representative of the youth as well as two to four publics figures. Many branches established subsidiary divisions in administrative districts or municipalities.

The ERC Society bases its philosophy on voluntary non-governmental work that is parallel to, complements and supports governmental activities. ERC relies on social, technical and specialized voluntary efforts exerted by members as well as volunteers in ERC society and branches in order to realize the set goals.