Blood Banks

Egyptian Red Crescent (ERC) strategy considers health as one of the pillars for building community resilience and sustainable development. Healthy individuals and families, access to health services, spreading enough knowledge that encourage people to care for their health and help others, as well as responding to health needs especially in case of emergencies, are the main objectives that ERC aims to fulfill through its various health activities.

Blood Banks

ERC blood transfusion service started in 1973. In 1988, a new policy document and regulation texts have been elaborated in collaboration with the ministry of health authorities.

Our blood donation campaign started in 1992 by identifying and specifying the individual group to be targeted.Currently the blood transfusion program comprises of 5 blood transfusion centers across Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria, Tanta, Qena, and Damanhur).

Objectives of the Egyptian Red Crescent Blood Service:

  • To participate in covering the national needs for blood in transfusion, and its derivatives of good quality.
  • To care about its availability by those in need, especially children suffering from thalassemia major.
  • To provide a safety guarantee and promote the national use of blood and derivatives.


  • Developing an effective motivational strategy while the most critical measure of success is an increase in the number of donations.
  • Follow-up measures are needed to track progress and make any program adjustments are always needed to read our goal.

Tools used to achieve our goals:

  • Occasional TV interviews.
  • Radio messages frequently used especially in youth and sports programs.
  • Continuous presence of mobile teams during youth fairs.
  • Collaboration with active NGOs that have credibility access to our target groups (University and high school students, employees of big companies, religious locations and events, and youth clubs).

Methods to Achieve our Goals

A link was built with NGOs as equal partnership; it proved to be a very effective facilitator especially when there is shortage of donation in summer times. As by this partnership we succeeded in segmenting broader populations into narrow groups, and basing program design on interpersonal contact. These partnerships also helped in building a positive image of a blood donor in the public and had been encouraged by youth gatherings.

Retention of donors also depends on donor satisfaction with the blood collection service, so it is vital to help them feel comfortable. Furthermore our activities now are adapting the rapidly evolving communication technology mobile messages and emails.


ERC encourages the honorary donation of blood by holding symposiums on the importance of the blood donation especially by young people.

ERC provides blood services through the blood banks of the ERC which reached 5 banks so far. Such banks were equipped with high technologies and work is done there in an accurate scientific manner to control quality. All examinations necessary for the donated blood are conducted especially for hepatitis C and AIDS virus.

Moreover, blood components and its most important products are prepared.

Donors and their personal and technical blood data are automatically registered. Each blood bank has halls designated for transfusing blood to children in need of repeated blood transfusion.

ERC Blood Banks and specialized centers for blood transfusion for children:

  • Cairo Central Blood Bank
    Tel: 25742667- 25744915
  • Alexandria, Bakos Blood Bank
    Tel: 035030502- 035030230
  • Al-Gharbia, Tanta Blood Bank
    Tel: 0403359990- 0403335874
  • Al-Beheira, Damnhour Blood Bank
    Tel:0453331685- 0453316496
  • Qena Blood Bank
    Tel: 096532514- 0965325720