Psychosocial Support

Egypt was the first country to be chosen among countries of the Middle East and North Africa region to implement Psychosocial SupportProgram.

A number of distinguished university professors in psychiatry were selected, to put together an integrated program for psychosocial support, to train the youth and conduct community awareness programs.

The program was started in 2003, where training programs involving youth from the different ERC branches, especially those branches within governorates most prone to disasters, including the north and south Sinai governorates.

These governorates now harbor a number of efficiently trained youth, from both sexes, who provide immediate assistance to the affected at times of disasters.

They played an effective role during the plane crash of Sharm Al Sheikh, the torrential rains of Halayeb and shalateen, the drowning of Al Salam ferry boat, the rock slide of Al Deweka, and the events of the Gaza crisis 2008.