The main Egyptian Red Crescent (ERC) youth clubs and its branches in the governorates accept memberships from youths of both genders according to terms of memberships shown in the application.

The terms and conditions comprise of the following: geographical location, age (16 – 30 years), testimonial on the application from 2 youth members of the club, attached medical certificate stating that he/she is medically and physically fit for sport activities and possible relief work, payment of an annual nominal fee determined by the club’s administration, the new member goes through a 6 months' probation period.

The member benefits from the different services and activities of the club, such as: cultural, social, sports, and artistic as well as youth exchange programs, visits, trips, local and international camps in various fields. Furthermore there are specialized programs to face disasters, such as: first aid, civil defense, psychological support, international humanitarian law.

The member benefits from leadership programs, skills and capabilities development provided for youth by the ERC.

The duties of the members toward their clubs are moral and professional commitment towards volunteer work they are assigned to do. The members are assigned each according to: his/her abilities and capabilities, commitment towards the ERC aims and principles which emerge from the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement Fundamental Principles.