Road Safety

With the growing global concern of Road traffic accidents being one of the main causes of deaths especially in medium and low income countries, United Nations declared 2011-2020 a decade of action for road safety aiming to reduce road deaths and injuries across the world.

National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies were recognized as key partners in the UN resolution 64/255 adopted in March 2010 on improving global road safety.

In the same context, Road Safety in ten countries project is another initiative led by a consortium ofinternational partners and implemented in 10 countries including Egypt. Egyptian Red Crescent (ERC) is a member of the country working group who is leading the project in Egypt.

ERC in cooperation with World Health Organization (WHO) and GRSP led the capacity building and public awareness components of the project as well as advocacy for legislation review.
ERC headquarters hosted the launch of public awareness campaigns that included Cairo and Alexandria and focused on highways.

ERC volunteers encouraged road users to use seat belts and keep the speed limit. Flyers, giveaways and first aid kits or the cars were distributed during the campaigns.