Our Vision

Egyptian Red Crescent works to achieve the ultimate goal of alleviating humanitarian sufferings especially for those in crisis.

Our Mission

Believing in the power of humanity and strength of our volunteer network, Egyptian Red Crescent works as an auxiliary body to the government and as a part of the international Red Cross/ Red Crescent movement to provide effective and timely response in crisis and help people to survive and recover. We work with vulnerable communities to strengthen their own capacities to respond to disasters and recover afterwards.

Fundamental Principles

Being part of the international Red Cross/ Red Crescent movement, Egyptian Red Crescent is guided by the seven principles of the movement; humanity, impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality.

Our strategic directions

  • In order to fulfill our humanitarian responsibilities, we adopt the following strategic directions:
  • Increasing ERC capacities both on the institutional and operational levels for continuous improvement of service provision.
  • Focus on longer-term disaster risk reduction plans of actions and building community resilience.
  • Adopting integrated approaches that address various vulnerability aspects including health, social and developmental issues.
  • Promoting volunteerism and encouraging youth empowerment and inclusion.
  • Working with local communities and encouraging their inclusion through participatory approaches to ensure sustainable community empowerment.
  • Building partnerships on the national and international levels to ensure coordination and successful cooperation.

Our fields of work

ERC works in various fields that all lead to reducing humanitarian sufferings and improving lives of less-advantaged communities:

  • Disaster Management: preparedness, response and recovery are the three main domains that collectively form the disaster management cycle. Guided by its disaster management strategy and plan of action, ERC responds to all national disasters as well many regional and international ones.
  • Health services and health promotion: various activities including blood banks and blood donation, primary health care services, vaccination campaigns and hygiene and health promotion are conducted by ERC all over the country.
  • Social services: rural, urban and suburban development is an important area of action that ERC gives special attention. Slums development is among our main concerns.