The work of the Egyptian Red Crescent (ERC) is based on the social, artistic, and specialized volunteer efforts.

What is a Volunteer?

The power of humanity and the free will of the individual. Volunteering springs from inside the human soul and the ultimate pleasure the volunteers acquire from their participation is materialistically modest but morally very rich.

Goals of Volunteering

  • Strengthening the bonds of the community and merging it into one entity with cooperation, harmony, and helping those in dire need.
  • Benefiting from qualified and trained human cadres to serve the community.
  • Training youth groups on first aid to be able to face accidents and deal with disasters.
  • Benefiting from intellectual and mental capacities and promoting the service of social and humanitarian issues.
  • Familiarizing young people with the ideas of self-denial and dedication in volunteering.

Duties of a Volunteer

  • Participation in field aid and relief.
  • Commitment to the rules of volunteering determined by the association or foundation.
  • Maintaining the tools and equipment used in the volunteer work.
  • Maintaining the integrity of the volunteer work in various fields in addition to maintaining non-disclosure of secrets for (patients, victims, the most vulnerable, etc..).