Health Care

Egyptian Red Crescent (ERC) strategy considers health as one of the pillars for building community resilience and sustainable development. Healthy individuals and families, access to health services, spreading enough knowledge that encourage people to care for their health and help others, as well as responding to health needs especially in case of emergencies, are the main objectives that ERC aims to fulfill through its various health activities.

Health care

ERC Medical services provided through:

  • Hospitals:
    9 hospitals in (Giza, Qena, Alexandria, Sohag, Al-Dakahlia, Al-Gharbia, El-Beheira andAl-Monufia)offer both inpatient and outpatient services.
  • Primary Health Care Units:
    51primary health care facilities in different governorates to provide primary health services; medical examination, treatment and follow up at affordable prices.
  • 31 Reproductive Health and Family Planning Clinics.
  • 8 Rehabilitation Centers.
  • 6 Blood Banks.

Health Promotion

Being a common component of almost all programs, health promotion is one of the main activities of the Egyptian Red Crescent in order to encourage healthy and hygienic practices and improve public health in general, including mitigation of communicable diseases as well as reproductive health.

Several health promotion programs are running by ERC, adopting the community-based approach. Educative seminars are regularly conducted specially for community volunteer leaders. ERC youth participate regularly in vaccination campaigns at the national level.